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Mission City Arbor Group, LLC is a full service tree company.  Please review our services below.  If you need help with a service we don’t provide, we can help steer you in the right direction.

Tree Trimming and Pruning Services

Mission City Arbor Group takes a serious approach to tree trimming.  Our arborists are trained to walk you through the process of various approaches to trimming trees that improve tree health and the aesthetics of your landscape. We are tree care specialists and work with our residential, commercial and government clients to provide the highest quality tree care available. Contact us today for a free quote: (210) 983-0483.

Tree Removal Services

No matter how big or small, Mission City Arbor Group can remove the tree safely and efficiently.  Experience, equipment and attitude make all the difference when removing trees.  Our company is licensed and insured and our team has over 70 years of combined experience in the industry.  Contact us today for a free quote: (210) 983-0483.

Stump Grinding Services

Let Mission City Arbor Group finish off the tree removal process by grinding the stump 4-6 inches into the ground.  Stump grinding allows you to avoid tripping and mowing hazards and it allows grass to grow where the tree once stood. Contact us today for a free quote: (210) 983-0483.

Plant Health Care Services

Mision City Arbor Group has an ISA Certified and Licensed Applicator on staff.  We have the experience to diagnose and treat trees suffering various living and non-living threats or to protect it from future issues. Contact us now to provide a Tree Risk and Health Assessment on your trees. Call Now: (210) 983-0483.

affordable firewood

Whether you need firewood to stay warm or for your BBQ, Mission City Arbor Group can help supply you with affordable firewood. Contact us today for a free more info: (210) 983-0483.


There are many factors that affect the price charged for tree services including: size of the tree or tree parts, distance it takes to drag or haul away debris, targets around area where work is being performed, amount of deadwood or ball moss being removed, how much debris is being removed etc.


  • Trimming 1 medium sized oak cost between $200-500.
  • Removing 1 medium sized oak cost $675-1500.
  • Grinding 1 medium sized stump cost $150.  

Generally, you can trim trees year round in Texas.  

Some municipalities require oaks to be trimmed during the following months: January, June, July, August, September, October, November & December.

San Antonio does not require a permit for trimming trees.

Some municipalities require a permit on either trimming all trees or just trimming oaks.  These municipalities include: Castle Hills, Hollywood Park, Windcrest, Shavano Park and a few others.

San Antonio does not require a permit for tree removals on residential properties.

Commercial properties, apartments, condos etc do require a permit to remove trees.  They may also require tree mitigation.

Some HOA’s require a permission for tree removal.

It is preferable that you are home at the beginning and end of the tree service for better communication and satisfaction but not required.

Most estimates are free.  If we have to travel a long distance, sometimes we charge a trip fee.

Most tree assessments start at $90. Depending on what is entailed in the process, the price could be more or less than $90.